Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Last night upon completion of sewing all the pieces together

Me: Is is ok?
Hubby: *Eyes glued to tv* Yep
Me: Well, what do you think it is then?
Hubby: Its a thing, isn't it?
Me: A what?
Hubby: A bear type thing. Isn't it!

The morning after the night before

Bubela: What is it?
Me: What do you think it is?
Bubela: A puppy?
Me: *deflated* yeah...
Bubela: It doesn't look like a puppy.

In crawls walk alot talk alot but doesn't, the Nosh

Me: *being goofy the way that one does when talking to a baby* What's this?
Nosh: Mine *crawling off with it tucked into his neck* arrrrrrhhhhhhh

Not wrong.

At least IT'S got a home.

Kitty Cat crochet in Rowan Cotton Glace
From the book Baby Crochet by Lois Daykin

I've found a couple of recycling websites, one is a swap shop for books. I'm reading The Kennedy's at the moment. I swapped it with The Diary of an ordinary woman by Margaret Forster (also a good book). I've made some great swaps, not sure when I'm going to read them all though.

ReaditSwapit site, its my site of the month at the moment, along with this global freecycle site which, I'll admit, I haven't actually used yet, I love just browsing.

Have you got any great website finds to share?


June said...

I love your crocheted creature, I think it is a cat. Have you tried looking at the Crochetville site, it is great for people who love to crochet.

Lilli said...

Your kitten looks adorable, very simpatico :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving such a nice comment about my umbrella bag. I don't know how to knit. The things you knit are beautiful! Have a great day!

Agnes said...

Sooooo cute!

Knitting Mummy said...

Love the catm I soooo want to learn to crochet.

Knitting Mummy said...

I think I was trying to say cat in that last commemt.xlol.

Fiona said...

Hello Darling! Well done on finishing the cat. It looks like the cats whiskers to me!

Freecycle is a great site for giving away stuff you no longer need as well as picking up what you want. I gave away a tonne of clothes I never wear to a lovely Polish woman a couple of months ago. I also picked up a big bag full of yarn from a lady cleaning up her stash. It's like swap shop for grown ups!
See you soon!!

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

June, thanks for directing me to Crochetville, there are some lovely little things there.

Fiona, lovely to hear from you.