Sunday, April 13, 2008

Learn-along quilting with Sweetpea

I usually have a knitting or crochet project on the go, as its fun, easy and mindless to do in front of the TV. These granny squares were the result of last nights Desperate Housewives. I'm hoping they will result in a couple of pram blankets for gifts.

As for my first quilting experience, I'm looking for an easy project. One to follow, one with embroidery, and possibly a little applique too.

Oy vey, talk about fussy.

I have bought endless magazines and books, as always when I find a new "thing", but I've not found what I'm looking for. Nautical quilt, anyone? There are a few more essentials I need to purchase first, but I'll probably purchase these in Florida, or when I return home. *shrieking with excitement* - I'm going on holiday in 3 days!!! Oy vey, what am I doing taking an 18 month old on an 8 hour flight. At least the Bubela can make the most of the Virgin experience of entertainment.

As an absolute beginner, I'll be hoping/begging for advice and tips along the way. Unless of course you want to learn along with me and we can all shout for the same advice at the same time.

I was told there are 4 essentials to quilting

1. 1/4" foot for sewing machine
2. Rotary cutter
3. Cutting board
4. Quilting ruler

There are other rulers, stencils and bits and bobs, but we can get those along the way as and when they are needed. Spoken like an expert.

My 1/4" foot for my Singer machine dropped through the letter box this week. I was as excited the moment I found and used the button hole foot on my Singer.

Honey Monster meet Cookies. Buttonhole, buttonhole, buttonhole.

So, all ready for my quilting venture, well almost.


June said...

Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday in Florida. You will probably find lots of good bargains for your hobbies in Walmart and other outlets. Bon Voyage!

Bianca said...

I wish you a wonderful sunny holiday in Florida. I think, you will come back with a lot to tell and show ;-)

Don't forget the Chewing-gum (or something similar which keeps the ears free) for the plane ;-)

Best regards, Bianca

noblinknits said...

Have a wonderful time onholiday! I have been thinking about making a blanket. Not sure whether to crochet or knit but it would be based granny squares I think. I like your colour scheme.

Lil D said...

I've just started my first attempt at quilting, but I'm just doing the chicken route: squares only, doll-sized etc.

Enjoy your trip!

Knitting Mummy said...

Have a great holiday and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck on your upcoming quilting project! Your "must have" list looks great to me, but I would add a good steam iron and one of these:
I find that it makes things go much faster, if you can have the pressing mat and iron on the same table with my sewing machine. :)

Mia said...

The 1/4-inch foot is really important. But the most important rule for quilting is safety. Rotary cutters are really sharp and can result in a trip to the A&E. There are plenty of quilting sites to get you started. I like the one for American Patchwork and Quilting. Quite a bit of helpful info and patterns there.

Enjoy your holiday.