Sunday, March 23, 2008

Smoking kills

The Bubela has being ill this long weekend, poor little chooch. We had so much planned but we've not left the house.


He's not left the house. I've been out to have a set of acrylics put on.

Oh, and to purchase the beautifully written list of ingredients he wrote out for me from the Cookies Galore book the boys bought me for Mothers Day.

He made blueberry shortcake cookies and I made fudge. Chocolate fudge which I boxed and bowed to gift. Far too delicious to keep and temp (I kept a few bites back to nosh on though).

Here is the start of my psychedelic summer girls dress. I'm not going to pretend it was easy - those pleats were a bit niggly. The pattern called for a twin needle sew, but seeing as my Singer doesn't possess that foot, I made do with the conventional iron and straight stitch. Is there such a thing??

I ironed the pleat then straight stitched 1mm away from the fold. I did have to unpick a couple of times because they were slightly uneven - and have you ever unpicked without an unpicker, oy vey.

I needed a cigarette for my nerves when I'd completed it - however, settled with a strong coffee and a bite of fudge.

Then there was the piping around the neck. That was a sweat breaker.

And here, a find too late. Tutorial for binding edges. Well, not too late. I've still got the rest to edge. Its like having a pack of cigarettes and a box of burnt out matches, then discovering the gas hob.

But you know what the biggest frustration of all was... my false nails couldn't pick up the pins that had dropped on the table. My flipping acrylics. And when your holding in place with one hand and trying to pick up and pin with the other. Oy vey. Like placing your fag up to the gas hob and discovering the gas had been disconnected.

So, my advice upon all of my lessons learnt today would be don't drop anything if you're wearing acrylic nails.

P.s. I don't smoke - It kills and its far too expensive.


Meggy said...

I love the orange swirly fabric, looking forward to seeing it finished.

Knitting Mummy said...

I love that orange material I can so see my girls in that.

MRS MJW said...

looove the dresses. it is sooo the season for sewing.