Saturday, April 05, 2008

On quilting.

Many months ago a friend tipped me off about a beautiful shop that I'd never known existed. She used to make bags and bought her fabulous fabric from there. (Since, she has gone into another line of business - cookie making but unfortunately blogless)

It is only a stones throw away from my first flat Hubby and I bought together. *Smiling whilst I reminisce at those childless, carefree and early years* And whilst I'm in this special place let me share a story of many.

We lived on the first floor, there was a respectable young man living next door, a couple of not so respectable people upstairs, and a batty old lady downstairs. Our first Sunday morning we awoke at 7am, firstly a ridiculous time to rise should one not need to - strictly speaking childless. And, secondly it wasn't our alarm clock doing the singing.

First Hubby (then fiance) took the broom to the ceiling. Again, the broom - a little harsher, then stormed upstairs banging, banging on the door to turn the noise down. He came back down, it wasn't the penthouse making all the noise... woke them up though. And, that was the day Hubby met Batty Old Lady from Downstairs.

Oh Vey. Batty Old Lady from Downstairs. Tck. With her over hanging parking into our car parking space, her notelets anonymously posted into our letterbox, Oh Batty Old Lady from Downstairs.

Back to Summer 2007.

Pushing the Nosh in the pram at 9 months old, I bumped open the door with my bum to Just Between Friends, pulled in the pram to a beautiful shopped lined with fabric, craft books, pins and needles, a table full of chatting women over coffee, quilts and projects displayed on the walls. Eye candy to a quilt and crafter.

Warmly welcomed and about half an hour later, I came out with the lovely lady offering to teach me quilting. All booked in, but unfortunately due to untimely and unpredicted circumstances, I had to cancel many times.

Yesterday, and 9 months on, I took my first quilting lesson and now with my imagination running wild with projects I'm raring to go.

Here's what I completed in my first lesson, I'm yet to learn about the wadding and the quilting bit.

On other news:

April 6 outside and its snowing!! Again!! Photo above is the view of our garden this morning.
10 days to go until we go to Florida.
10 days to go to lose a few pounds.
10 days to go to clear the pile of ironing.

I've finished the dress. Photos to follow.


Knitting Mummy said...

How do you do it, not another addition to all your skills. I hear that quilting is just as addictive as knitting. So beware.LOL

Lil D said...

I'm impressed. Lovely material. I've been looking up online how to do all that stuffing and quilting business - I'm considering chickening out and doing those tie things...

Anonymous said...

You are so clever, must take after me.
love mummy

noblinknits said...

Wow, you did that in your first lesson? That's really great.