Friday, March 14, 2008

"Mummy, when you used to use your interactive white board at school..." "Mummy, what DS Lite games did you have when you were little?" "Did you used to have your own email when you were a kid?" "What winks did you have on msn?"...

The sentences that fall out of the Bubela's mouth sometimes really make me feel old. I'm not old I hasten to say, I'm ONLY 34. But nothing made me feel as old as this week, whilst out with friends for dinner my friend and I are reminiscing and giggling over the Southend disco that we used to go to.

"DISCO!!!!!" shrieks a voice of laughter from the other end of the table. "You sound like my mum... when I met your father at the local disco...".

That shriek came from a 20-something - born in the eighties. Her in nappies and me trying out my first perm!

So, when I explained to the Bubela that we used a little blackboard with chalk instead of the white interactive board, he knew what I meant because he saw one of those in the Victorian Museum this week! VICTORIAN??

My Debbie Bliss Hoodie is coming along lovely. Its a fast and easy knit great for mindless tv-watching after too many late nights out.

Have you seen the new Tendances magazine from Phildar. I must buy it, there are loads in there that I would like to knit up.


Knitting Mummy said...

Don't even go there it is actually my 42nd birthday today so imagine how I feel, I had my first baby in 1988, imagine how old I will be when Gracie is 20 she will probably pretend I am her

goodkarma said...

HIlarious. You can tell your little Bubela that I'm a couple of years older than you are, that I'm a teacher, and that I still use big chalkboards in my classroom!!! Not even a regular whiteboard. Sigh. :)