Thursday, March 20, 2008

What no fudge

With the long weekend due to be a wash-out, I might actually get some of this lot completed.

The Debbie Bliss hoodie is washed and blocked waiting to be made up. But where's the baby, t'was imminent weeks back one thought.

Plus, I've got this gorgeous little dress to sew up. Baby couture - psychedelic style. I've cut the pattern and its straight *grinning and feeling really pleased with myself* However, I'm slightly nail bitingly nervous, yet excited about stitching it together. I will be forced to experiment and explore new avenues with my old sewing machine. My old Singer sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother, the one that has only sewn a straight stitch, the one that my Ubba used every now and then to fix and hem his trousers, the one that saw more dust than fabric. And now a new life for this Singer is about to evolve... Buttonholes.

Oh, and the other project... I'm going to have ANOTHER attempt at fudge. The first lot was... lets just say you needed a spoon. Runny fudge aint no fun. Apparently, its an art of its own, making fudge. Any tips??


Anonymous said...

your original fudge looks kinda yummy! Put it in a jar an use it for am icecream toppper...mmmm...I can feel my thighs growing as I think of this ;-) LOL.

anyways...for solid fudge if you're cooking it just make sure it's getting to the right temp-it needs to be hot enough or it won't solidify.

Have fun-it looks delicious!

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks for the tip(s), esp. the one about the icecream topper. I don't think it will even reach the ice-cream... its delicious!