Saturday, May 30, 2009

We've arrived home!

The Sweetpea Family.

Yes, home and dry from a very relaxing and fun filled holiday. The boys had a great time at the beach snorkling, surfing and swimming whilst I sat with a Jodi Picoult under the shade. Dontcha just love getting away?

My creation

Thankfully, I've still got the weekend to recover before I dust off the Old Singer. Monday morning (after the weight watchers meeting that I'll be returning to) we'll rekindle our love as I've another clothes party to prepare for and stock has reduced considerably.

Before I went away I drew a few new designs for the applique t-shirts which I'll be showcasing here very soon.

The brand new Sew magazine has arrived and its one of the better magazines I've seen in a long time. Its outlay is that of Crafts Beautiful and Simply Knitting, it features lovely patterns, has great articles and best of all... a little snippet of Sweetpea4kids. Yes!! Can you believe they have featured Sweetpea4kids in their magazine. Im delighted, I hope it attracts new custom. For a closer peek, look here.

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2 Little Irish Boys said...

Love your stuff! BTW, how to you do a collage on Flickr like you have on this post?