Friday, May 22, 2009

Dancing Queen, you are my...

I have various decades that I'm fond of for various reasons. The forties for their fashion, the fifties for their movies, the sixties for Elvis and the seventies for almost everything.

As a seventies baby, I was lucky enough to be amongst the best dressed trend (IMO). I started school singing to Brotherhood of Man's "Save all your kisses for me..." and sucked the sherbet out of flying saucers. I sipped milk through a straw at school before Margaret Thatcher became the milk snatcher. My dolls were all called Lulu and my mum read me bedtime stories from the big yellow Fairy Tales books.

As an eighties kid, I was taken to my first disco by my first boyfriend, Adam Finn. I wore a little black dress with a glitter stripe running through. He bought me a squash which was poured into a white plastic cup and we hung around chatting. To be honest, thats all I remember of the date. Sorry Adam Finn. My hair was permed and I wore blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Baggy jumpers worn with brightly coloured leggings. My ears were decorated with co-ordinating large plastic earrings and my arms with the same plastic bangles. Judy Blume's "Are you there god, its me Margaret"'s book was my bible, as were most of Blumes's.

My nineties were amongst my best. A Chippendale groupie that partied with the best. Picking mango's on a kibbutz and waiting tables in Jerusalem. A kiss on the doorstep and falling in love ended my nineties under a chuppah.

My noughties rollercoastered, more ups than downs. Yet the best thing to come out of them so far are my two best[est] boys. My Bubela and My Nosh.

What are your best decades (those obviously old enough to have a selection to chose from)?

p.s. Photo 1. is me 1975 with Lulu. Photo 2. is me (lower left) 1992 just before a Chippendale bash.

I picked up some vintage childrens stories at the charity shop. I'll show you what I've done with them in my next post.


ingrid said...

Fabulous post!
I am a seventies baby too and you have brought back some wonderful memories.
I remember my sister and I doing Abba concerts in the lounge room for my parents and I adored Judy Blume.

Levin (and Emily) said...

judy blume was awesome! and still is for that matter.

like ingrid, i did abba concerts with my best friend - being a brunette i was always stuck being frida :( (i so wanted to be anna).
all the other decades hold wonderful memories for me - life just seems to get better

GingerLouise Clothing said...

are you from ny? I woked for a company on the 80's that did the Chippendales costumes--I had to go into the fitting room and fit them for God only knows what! My boss said any girl would give their right arm for that job!