Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OH NO!!!!

Look what's happened.

My foot pedal fell off the table (as I was assembling the sewing machine for use) and now my machine doesn't work. I'm such a clutz... And, all these lead bits fell out of the pedal... I've no idea what they are, but they're obviously important. Oy vey!! Despair.

I've now got to schlep around in search of a repairer, or a replacement pedal.

So, I'm afraid the only photo I have of my corduroy dress is this unfinished one, pre-machine breakage. [Excuse the poor lighting]. The lovely floral fabric is its lining and the photo does no justice to its beauty. Its mint background and bright pink flowers is gorgeous.

Signing off... a glum Mrs Sweetpea. x

**UPDATE** Phew of relief. I've found a shop that will replace my pedal. They cut off the wire attached to the existing pedal and attach a new generic pedal - all for £30. And the best bit... the wait is 2/3 hours. *Smiling, Hubby will be pleased because I was in a bad mood last night.*

My other choice was buying another pedal direct from Singer for £60 with a weeks wait.


"Just buy another sewing machine", said my Darling Hubby. Last week, My iron had been fusing the house, so Hubby said "just go buy a new one". I saved him £30 something and changed the fuse!!!!! *chuckle*.

*Note to Hubby* I love you and I know you would buy me anything, but we cant just buy a "new one" everytime something goes wrong... we have to learn to fix it. xxxx


June said...

Glad you have managed to get your sewing machine mended and now look forward to seeing your finished dress.

Knitting Mummy said...

What a relief for you glad you could get it fixed. And regarding your earlier posts they are two handsome little boys you have there, you lucky girl.

SweetPeaknits said...

Aww, thank you Amanda. x

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz,

You can always borrow my machine. She's not seeing too much light these days with my teacher training, I am sure she'd love a nice, long run making cute dresses..


SweetPeaknits said...

Aww Fiona, your lovely. x Thank you, but I'm hoping to get it fixed on Thursday. xx