Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm sewing.

Sewing a lovely little corduroy dress, its gorgeous. So far, anyway. Its a Vintage Mccalls pattern... Oooo, I love my vintage patterns. I've never been lucky to pick any up in a charity shop, they are probably slung out before they even reach the shop floor. I just purchase them on Ebay.

Wanna have a look at my new additions?

I'll post photos of my dress in the next couple of days.


June said...

What memories you brought back to me with those vintage patterns. They are just like the ones that I used to make clothes for Jacqui when she was little. How lovely to be able to buy them still on Ebay.

London Mummy said...

How cute are those patterns - can't wait to see your litte corduroy dress :)

SweetPeaknits said...

June, I bet Jacqui was looked gorgeous in your clothes. She's gorgeous now and always imaculate.

Esther - I've had a set back with my dress, but I plan to get that fixed as soon as I can. xx