Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weigh in for the Nosh and I

The Nosh is gaining and I'm losing... just the way it should be;) I've lost 13lbs now and the Nosh now weighs 13lbs 15ozs (Kaynahorah, spit, spit, spit). As for the return to the gym, that happened today. Did I enjoy it? *shrugging shoulders* Ach, its the gym but I'm back. Has anything changed in the year I've been absent? A few changed faces, a few new machines and the price of tea has gone up! But most importantly you now need your membership card to swip at the barrier to get out of the carpark. So oy vey voy you if you forget your card and are the cause of the queue at the gate!

This is my new knitting purchase. Rowan Cotton Glace in Orange and Navy, and with it I'm intending to knit up Jade from Rowan 25.

As for the Norweigan socks, they are coming along slowly, but lovely. I'll post a picture in a few days.


Shannon said...

Congrats on the loss!! Glad to see your knitting regularly again too!!

Brena said...

Oh that sweater(cardigan?) is gorgeous! Congratulations on the loss and on Nosh's gain!

Sarah said...

That cardi is so cute -- I can't wait to see how it knits up in the orange and navy. Your color choice seems much more "Indian inspired" -- also more inspired, full stop -- than Rowan's.