Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sssshhhh... the boys are both asleep!

*whisper* There is something about a silent house, I love it. When Hubby is out and the boys are asleep I love to sit on the sofa with my needles and yarn and listen to the beep of silence.

The Bubela goes up to bed at 7pm with a book in tow and at lights out (8pm), thats it. What a good boy! My Bubela.

The Nosh goes down around 7pm (after his bath and bottle), listens to his music mobile, we hear him ucking and icking on the monitor for a while, we also hear some cries and shouts (sometimes cries which send me a running up and down the stairs all night), but generally his mobile sends him off. Sleeps and eats that Nosh, thats all he does... no wonder his cheeks flop to the floor. Love him!!

Tonight, Hubby is watching the football - be it Spanish, English, Scottish or outer Mongolian its always on. I don't complain, it keeps him happy and quiet. He also does that man thing with the control all night, you know, the flicking channels thing. 'Though, every night we get into bed and THATS his time to strike up conversation!! I want to Schluf and he wants to talk about the words of the day.

Tonight I'll tell him about my socks. Sometime ago I spotted these Norwegian socks on Eunny's website. I fell in love and have been eager to knit them ever since, but I just haven't had the time. Tonight, I was finally able to cast on for them... watch this space!


kate said...

your norwegian stockings look beauteous : ) will def check back to see this lovely colorway emerge!

Lolly said...

I love those socks - they have been a dream knit of mine for awhile ;) Now I just need to practice the stranding!
Can't wait to see yours~

Bea said...

Those look beautiful! Once I finish my gazillion projects, I may have to make myself a pair of these :) Provided baby lets me ;)