Saturday, September 03, 2005


He was cute, atrractive. He made me laugh. And, he was really intellegent. He kept me interested with all his knowledge and useless facts.

We spoke every night on the phone. We saw eachother every other night. I missed him when I didn't see him.

I knew we would end up together. I actually knew on our first date. As I said, he made me laugh, I was totally in love. A gentleman.

Well we did. Hubby proposed to me on bended knee, in the Sir Herbert Gibbs suite of Gibbs Manor House on 3 May 1998 (I was just prompted of that date from Hubby, dontcha just love him).

5 Sept 1999, we were married. Today, our 6th Anniversary and still our love just grows stronger. We now have the lovely Bubela to share our love and joy with.

We're off to Venice for our anniversary. Without the Bubela though, I'm gonna miss him like crazy, but he is going to have his own holiday at Nana and Saba's. Oy, the sweets, the chocolates, the E Numbers... Oy is he going to have a party.

Now, where in Venice can I pick up some yarn? No, no, no give Hubby a break from the knitting addiction and just relax and enjoy.

Oh yes, River. It is coming along just lovely, thank you. I'm into the third repeat, the first was trying and slightly fudged, but I'm keeping it. You can hardly see the mistakes. Lurve the KSH!!

DB ruffled edged baby cardigan is also progressing. Once I drop the Bubela off for his First Day of school tomorrow (FIRST DAY!!), I'll visit the Needlebox to purchase some buttons and ribbon to finish it off.

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Ruth said...

happy anniversary!! =)
and the river, it is looking really pretty!