Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How was work today, Darling?

How was your first day in the office? Were you busy? What were the people like? Were they friendly?

Erm, Cocky LS didn't want me to work in the office, he would rather me work from home. *OK scratching my head wondering why* Is it my face he doesn't like the look of? Is it my voice he doesn't like the sound of? Maybe he thinks I'll be too pushy or demanding in the office? Maybe, just maybe, out of sight, out of mind, don't need to pay me. Hmmm.

So, my first day in the office actually turned out to be my first day as a working mum in my lounge. TV off! PC on! Telephone calls to and fro. And, I actually think I had a very productive day. I'm meeting a couple of people tomorrow and hoping to get them to publish an article about one of the products... wish me luck!!

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