Monday, March 22, 2010


Everybody has a dream. Be it a dream job, dream house, dream man. We all have dreams.

Ive had many dream jobs. Apart from the obvious get rich quick job, I've dabbled in the dream of a librarian where I could sit and read books all day. And the dream colomnist job, where I could write endlessly and have fans follow. The fashion designer. The dressmaker. And, there was even a matchmaker of recent times.

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As you can see, my dreams dont stop at one.

The dream house. There is only one. Its sits on a hill and has a stream running out in the back garden. You can see sheeps from the back window and even a passing cow. There are chickens being raised in the coup outside and the vegetable patch next to the greenhouse. There isn't anther house for miles, but I'm not lonely, as hubby and I are just fine laughing and watching our old home movies of the kids growing up.

Dream man. I got him. See. Dreams do come true.

But seriously, I wish I would stop daydreaming and get on with all these WIPS. I've had a knitted cardigan here to knit up for months.

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