Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In need of a little surgery

A while back MIL gave me her sewing box which was gifted to her by her mother when she was only 13. I received it with much thanks even in the poor vintage state it was in. It was beautiful as it was, just in need of a little repair. A hinge was broken and the interior needed attention!

Major surgery was indeed needed to make this sewing box perfect again. So, with a mini re-upholstery job, I re-padded the lid with bating and staple-gunned in new fabric. The original beads were used to decorate the petals of the sunflower and I used the original tape binding to glue around the edges to hide nails and staples.

I love my new sewing box. Thank you MIL. xx

Excuse the book which managed to creep into the first photo. I was browsing through for a cookie recipe for Halloween. We're making pumpkin shaped cookies, but more of those in my next post. The cookies are made, we just need to ice them.

Oh, and the crochet granny square blanket is still very much in progress. Photos to follow.

In other news:

MIL had surgery today. We all wish you a speedy recovery. x

Following the success of wallpapering my downstairs toilet, I am in the process of adding accessories. I'm deep in search for the perfect table. Once the room is dressed I'll share photos. Next room - Lounge... watch this space ;0)

Milestones reached. The Nosh, at 3, can now tackle puzzles of 35 pieces. He's so clever peh peh peh! And, the Bubela, at 8, is still a high acheiver in school and in all the sports he plays. Oi! I'm kvelling at how proud I am of my two boys!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

What a beautiful upholstery job! Love it. Wish I knew how to do such things!
XX Kate

Dreams of Yarn said...

excellent job with the upholstery! And nice to have something with a history! Keep puffing out your chest mamma bear, smart boys is definitely something to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sewing box peh peh peh!!!! Lou x x