Thursday, October 08, 2009

I decided to bring a little French boudoir-esque into our home. More specifically, our downstairs loo. I thought of giving our guest rest room the luxury touch it deserves.

That in mind, today was wallpapering day. And here I give you the before and after photos.

I love it!!

Though, it was after much vocal waltzing and convincing eyebrow quivers, I managed to convince the Hubby that me doing the wallpapering would save us a stash of cash. That part he liked. The part which took the convincing was the "me" "wallpapering" "by myself" part. I do a wicked eyebrow quiver and I think it was that that won me a full Strictly [Come Dancing] 10 10 10 10 score.

*bouncing with joy* because he didn't think it would turn out so good - and I think I've done an alright job..... **UPDATED TO SAY HUBBY'S JUST COME HOME FROM WORK AND WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED, WHEN AM I STARTING ON THE LOUNGE**

With my heels parked at the front door and my lip gloss topping a tissue on the kitchen counter -Sinatra playing in the background- I was set to do the job in hand. Arms laden with Bucket, paste and brushes, and two delightful accessories (my ladies stepladder and my dear 82 year old grandfather -whom I hasten to add right here- was a better gig than Sinatra any day). And I was wallpapering!!

It was a great day. Paste EVERYWHERE mind. I'd definately attempt it again.

I'm wallpaper-ing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Louise said...

I just love that! Look at Papa Lenny beaming away! Love that so much x x x

SweetPeaknits said...

Thank you Lou, we had such a good day. x

June said...

What a great look! Love the wallpaper and how nice to do it with grandpa.

SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks June. Hope you are well. My grandpa was a great help. He felt proud that he taught my Dad how to wallpaper *God rest his soul*. Please pass on my love to Jacquie. x

Jennifer said...

Hi Este nice meeting you, thanks for stopping by my blog..Jennifer