Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Summer

My creation

One word.


Jam packed full of activities. Days outings. And, all we can say is "We're castled out!". If you know the Bubela, he's a real castle geek. Loves a bit of cavalry on the battlefield. And, If I climb another turret I'll.... arrrghh.

It wasn't all castles and turrets. We enjoyed a visit to one of the famous English University towns. We also had to pet and feed each and every animal in each and every surrounding farm and zoo in the vicinity. And, great fun at a couple of the local beaches. Everyone loves a beach, right?

Check out those beach huts.

A great summer - Im going to miss them when they go back to school.



Leanne said...

I need a beach hut!!!! I didn't until this very second, but now life cannot carry on without a beach hut. Pity I only won a tenner on the lottery this week:)

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

SweetPeaknits said...

Elise - thank you for your beautiful comment. It sits treasured, especially coming from a ballet journalist. x

Nezzy said...

We sure don't have any shacks in the hills and hollers that are anything like that in the Ozark hill and hollers. Most interesting creative blog. I'm so glad I fell into it for a while. Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!