Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What Chutzpah!!

There's nothing like buying fresh underwear for your holiday. It would be a crime not to, wouldn't it? With that in mind and an old Tesco's bag in hand, where else to visit but ye ol' faithful M&S.

A Tesco's bag?

I know its a chutzpah, but I'm told 'they all' do it. *whispered under mumbled breath* I exchanged a bra that I had worn once, ahem!! (hence the crumpled tesco's bag - didn't have an M&S one!).

The reason was, I'll tell you, was because it didn't fit me. OK hands up, I tried to kid myself that I was a 36C, but those boys just weren't having it. They were getting suffocated in there. So see, I had no choice but to exchange it for the Dcups.

And the moral of this story is that bucket loads of chutzpah gets you everywhere!


Janice said...

you should publish this as
"diary of a modern yidesha mama".
Love it, especially about your 36D boys. I should be so lucky!

iSeL said...

Oh, darn...it must be horrible having a chest like that. ;] I wouldn't know, though, because as much as I've prayed for it, mine is nonexistent.